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Best +30 Couples Advent Calendar 2024

Waiting for Christmas while sharing a moment of joy and sharing together is possible thanks to the Advent calendar for couples.

Between delicacies (chocolate; honey..), naughty moments (challenge; sensual games), or quite simply moments of relaxation (tea; wine..), discover a selection of the best couples boxes that will allow you to share a highlight with your partner. This is also the magic of Christmas.

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Advent calendar ideas for couples

A long time ago, the Advent calendar was created to help children wait for Christmas, but things have come a long way since then. Although there are now over 300 models, the one for couples is special because it allows two people, couples, adult partners, friends, to use this Advent period to meet and spend some time together.

Whether it’s about sexual games, eating a piece of chocolate or simply tasting a good wine, the couple’s Advent calendar brings that magic that only Christmas has the secret of. Those moments when two people come together to share their lives, their passions, their tastes and their love.

To help you in your search and to offer you a moment of pleasure for two, we have selected the best ideas for Advent calendars for couples. From the most naughty to the most greedy, you will spend an Advent countdown under the sign of love and sharing.

The Couples Advent calendar contains between 12 and 48 surprises to share, taste and discover together.

There are 4 main categories of advent calendars to share:

  • Erotic Advent Calendar
  • Chocolate Advent Calendar
  • Food Advent Calendar
  • Alcohol Advent Calendar

“EXPERIENCE” advent calendar

Some of these boxes allow you to live an “experience” for two every day. This is the case of the sexy boxes, which contain 24 surprises/objects to discover intimacy. Ladies and gentlemen, you will be able to meet and refine your mutual desires.

“DISCOVERY” advent calendar

There are also calendars designed for tasting and discovering a flavour for two. For example, the tea or chocolate advent calendars contain 48 surprises. Each of you will have to wait for the Advent season to discover the same flavours.

Advent calendar “TASTING”

Other boxes contain only 24 surprises, but they can be shared and enjoyed by two people. This is the case of the Wine or Beer Advent Calendars, the generosity of each box allowing you to enjoy them together or with others.

In other words, waiting for Advent has never been so intense or so generous.

You want to treat yourself to an Advent calendar for couples, and you want to be sure that you’ve chosen the best one for both of you.

For many of us, the atmosphere of Christmas evokes a certain magic, an enchantment full of wishes, sharing and memories. Advent, the time of waiting, is even stronger and more intense.

Chocolate delicacies, naughty objects, cheeses… We can help you choose the perfect idea thanks to our unique range of +30 couples Advent calendars.

If you have a budget, use the price filter. There are inexpensive couples calendars (£10), but also much more expensive boxes (£200).

The easiest way to make your choice is to answer a few questions: Are there products you both like to eat (chocolate? cheese for example?) Are you intimate enough to try out sexy objects? Do you open the calendar together or do you take turns? Do you enjoy tasting alcohol (wine, beer, rum)? Do you have any hobbies or characters in common (friends; Harry Potter…)?

Whether you have been in a relationship for a long time or just recently, the aim is to share a moment together. These answers should lead you to the ideal couple’s Advent calendar, original and personalised for you.

If you are still hesitating, why not get a calendar for both of you? Discover the women’s Advent calendar and the men’s Advent calendar.

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