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20+ Best Beer Advent Calendars for 2024

Beers from all over the world, French beer, craft beer… The 2024 Beer Advent Calendar for adults will take you on a foamy tasting journey for 24 days! Organic, blended, classic or dedicated, get ready to savour and discover a selection of the best beer boxes.

With your glass in one hand and your Advent calendar in the other, get ready to taste a thousand flavours of bear.

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Discover breweries around the world with your Beer Advent Calendar 2024

Blonde beer, organic beer, brown beer or red beer, this Advent calendar will take you on a tasting journey of beers with different flavours. Thanks to the booklets included in these boxes, you will be able to discover and understand the origins, where and how the beer you are tasting was made, and how it goes with your favourite dishes. A playful and tasty pleasure.

This Advent calendar is for adults only and comes in a box and is suitable for men and women, alone or in pairs. Whether it’s for fun, to share or to give away, the important thing is to love beer!

This adult advent calendar contains alcohol. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

Which is the best beer advent calendar? Which one to choose? It really depends on your taste, your experience and what you are looking for.

Some will prefer the boxes that allow them to discover beers from all over the world. It will be a complete and varied tasting, but always with the risk of not liking certain references. Others will prefer local boxes, such as those from Belgium, which will allow them to focus on a particular type of flavour. You can also discover artisanal beers or even French beers.

They can be in cans or bottles, every taste and flavour is represented and no two are alike. You can choose between 12 or 24 days to taste and discover the different flavours.

The price may also be a factor in your choice. Generally speaking, you can expect to spend between £50 and £70 on good beers.

The selection from each Advent calendar is the best of what they’ve got. So let your taste and intuition guide you. You won’t be disappointed! Cheers! (Please note that these are for adults only!)

If you like beer, hop flavours, Guinness or your favourite hashtag is #beerlovers, then you are definitely one of the people who will find the Beer Advent Calendar a real gift, a daily revelation!

This box allows you to discover beers from different countries around the world. Some of them are not sold in supermarkets or pubs. They are usually accompanied by a booklet explaining the origin of the beer. You will also find ideas for recipes and accompaniments to make the most of your drink.

The advantage is that you can enjoy the Beer Advent Calendar experience alone, with a partner or with friends.
In fact, the generous format of the beers (in cans or bottles) allows you to share this moment with others.

Blind tasting, the challenge of discovering the origin, the flavour… Between conviviality and expertise, the Beer Advent Calendar has proved to be a fun and original way to explore your palate, your knowledge and your taste. This makes it one of the most popular 2022 Advent Calendars, a good gift idea to wait for Christmas.

So, cheers!

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