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The most beautiful Luxury Advent Calendar 2023 that make us dream

Between exceptional design and surprising content, discover the most beautiful models of the 2023 Luxury Advent Calendars. From beauty (ESPA, Liberty, Charlotte Tilbury..) and perfume brands such as Dior, YSL or Guerlain to luxury jewellery brands such as Tiffany & Co, admire and be surprised by these exceptional creations at luxury prices.

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The luxury Advent calendar can be compared to a work of art.

Not only because of the artistic illustrations and the design, but also and above all because of the often rare and unusual content.  This explains the price difference with traditional advent calendars.

Luxurious beauty products, world-famous perfume, crystal decoration.  And you, what would be the luxury Advent calendar 2022 of your dreams?

The competition between luxury brands is fierce. If one could think that big brands such as Dior, Chanel, Guerlain or Tiffany & Co (160 000€) are among the most expensive advent calendars, it is not so!

Indeed, these luxurious brands are dethroned (and by far) by brands such as Porsche (1 million dollars) or Chronext (2.3 million).

But it gets even more extravagant! In 2021 a personalised advent calendar was created by artist Debbie Wingham for a wealthy Swiss client. A custom-made 12-day creation with an estimated value of over 10 million euros. Gold products, luxurious bag; diamonds.  All of this makes it the most expensive advent calendar in the world for some time… and with its 50kg and 1 meter height, perhaps the most voluminous.

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