Rum Advent Calendar

Rum Advent Calendar 2024 : the best Rums in one box

Whether you are a lover of rum flavours or a fine connoisseur of sweet alcoholic aromas, you are about to embark on a 12/24 day journey of discovery. With this Rum Advent Calendar, you will be able to enjoy different rums from all over the world. White rum, old rum, vintage rum, blended rum, single cask rum, etc.

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Designed for adults only, the Advent Rum 2023 calendar is a great way to discover the pleasure of refined rum through a varied tasting experience.

Thanks to its 2cl miniatures, this calendar gives both amateurs and insiders access to a wide range and many different flavors. It’s an easy way to make your palate wait until Christmas 2024.

Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, these boxes will take you on a wonderful aromatic adventure…

This adult advent calendar contains alcohol. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume it with moderation.

The question always comes up. Which is the best rum advent calendar? Which one should I choose? It really depends on your taste, your experience and what you are looking for.

Some of you will prefer to discover rums from all over the world, giving you a complete and varied tasting, but with the risk of not liking some of them. Others will prefer boxes of rums from just one country, for example, giving them the opportunity to focus on a particular type of flavour.

Price is also an important criterion for these rhum calendars. Your choice will also depend a lot on your budget.

But don’t worry, we’ve selected the best calendars for all budgets. So let your tastes and dreams guide you. You won’t be disappointed! Cheers! (Please note that these are for adults only!)

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