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+20 Best Playmobil Advent Calendar 2024

When I tell you “Forward the Stories”… And yes, Playmobil has made history with its minifigures to become one of the best-selling toy advent calendar brands with LEGO Advent calendars ..

But big or small, it does not make us any younger, because it was in 1974 that the first Playmobil was born in Germany. 7.5 cm tall figures, the first three of which were the Indian, the Knight and the Worker.

Since then, the brand has been able to seduce children and parents alike by revisiting themes and stories in these Advent calendars that allow creativity to flourish: Heidi in Winter; Back to the Future; Pirates; The Royal Family…

There are so many themes to delight today’s children. Which Playmobil Advent calendar 2024 are you?

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