Boys Advent Calendar

+50 Best Boys Advent Calendar to countdown to Christmas 2024

It has become a tradition for all little boys and teenagers to start the countdown to Christmas with an Advent calendar.

Playmobil, Paw Patrol or even LEGO and Funko Pop. To delight him and give him a unique and original moment, discover a unique selection of the most beautiful 2024 Advent Calendars for boys.

Inside are incredible gift ideas that will make them wait in joy and happiness: chocolates, cars; puzzles; dinosaurs, Minecraft figures… All you have to do is choose.

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The best advent calendar for a boy?

Every year the children look forward to it. Symbolized by Advent, this tradition of the Advent calendar has settled in many homes. The brands offer several boxes to celebrate this event and to help you find the one that will appeal to boys, we have made a selection of the best advent calendars for boys and teenagers.

Car, adventure, figurines.. many themes exist to provide them with a Christmas 2024 countdown filled with joy and fun.

You will appreciate the many advent calendars available and will note that many are unisex and gender neutral. This selection is based on boys’ favorite boxes, but that doesn’t make it true. A broader look can be interesting, so don’t hesitate to visit and discover other calendars in the Toy, Chocolate or Geek universes

To help you choose the Advent calendar for boys and teenagers that will keep them in the magic and wonder of Christmas for 24 days, here are some gift ideas to please them.

Calendars for greedy little boys:

Since the calendar was created, chocolate and delicacies have been a classic, safe bet that little boys (6-10 years old) love! There is no shortage of references in this field, Kinder, Ferrero… every day he will discover a sweet or chocolate surprise in the window of his diary.

Calendar for boys by theme:

Make him happy by giving him a calendar featuring his favourite characters and heroes: Batman, Harry Potter, Minecraft or Paw Patrol. In the form of figures, puzzles, LEGO… little boys will be able to find themselves and create stories in the company of the characters they love and who make them dream every day.

Calendars for adventurous little boys:

These new trendy and fun calendars will appeal to boys aged 11-14. Riddles, puzzles… Play an escape game… Discover a story… For 24 days, youngsters go on an adventure. Alone or with the whole family, make Advent a warm and friendly moment of sharing.

Calendar with animals for little boys:

Watch out, behind each window of these calendars are rare or dangerous animals and species! Dragons and dinosaurs have taken possession of these boxes to the delight of children! Each day he will discover a little figure in the shape of his favourite animals or accessories to create a story and develop his adventures.

Calendar contents cars for boys:

Helicopter, crane, train, police car… Get ready for endless chases, slides and stunts thanks to the car calendars! From 5 to 13 years old, boys will love these toys, which they can create everywhere, from the living room to the playground, take with them, lend to their friends and together create personalised stories and unforgettable childhood memories.

=> See car advent calendars

Teen Slime Calendar:

The material is viscous and sticky, in all colors it is embellished with sequins and accessories of all kinds. Something to make all teenagers dream of in search of sensation and creation! Calendars with modeling clay or slime clay are ideal for them. These materials designed especially for children allow them, like sorcerer’s apprentices or artistic chefs, to create their most beautiful works and experiences. Enough to amuse them without limit during and after the Christmas holidays!

Criteria for an Boys Advent Calendar :

The material is viscous and sticky, in all colours, decorated with sequins and accessories of all kinds. Something for all teenagers in search of sensation and creation! Calendars with modelling clay or slime are ideal for them. Specially designed for children, these materials allow them to create their most beautiful creations and experiences, like magicians or artistic chefs. Enough to keep them entertained during and after the Christmas holidays!

Criteria for an Advent calendar for boys:

For each toy, delicacy or accessory, to choose the right Advent calendar for girls, it is important to take into account several criteria specific to your little girl and different for each child.

Although age is an important criterion, especially in terms of safety and physical and cultural development, it is not the only one.

In our experience, the most important criteria for choosing the right box for your daughter, teenager or young girl are: temperament, personality and tastes. Every child is unique and has different interests. If you have to offer them an Advent calendar, you have to find the one that suits them best.

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