Whisky Advent Calendar

7+ Must-Have Whisky Advent Calendar to start your countdown to Christmas

Whisky from around the world, from Scotland, peated and unpeated, single malts, incredibly mature grains and award-winning batches, this Whisky Advent Calendar takes you on an extraordinary 24-day journey. 24 spirit miniatures to help whisky lovers wait until Christmas 2024.

With a glass of whisky in one hand and your Advent Calendar in the other, you’re ready to discover a thousand flavours.

Our selection for each Advent calendar you see here is varied and of the highest quality. So let your taste buds and intuition guide you. You won’t be disappointed! Cheers! (Please note that they are for adults only!)

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Designed for adults, the 2024 Whisky Advent Calendar is an original and fun way to discover the pleasures of whisky.

It will allow you to refine your tastes through a varied and flavourful tasting. With its 24 miniatures of 30ml, the amateur or whisky lover will have access to a wide range of different flavours. A great way to stimulate your palate and have fun while waiting for Christmas 2024.

Ireland, Scotland or Japan, discover the best whisky with a unique box. It will take you on a wonderful aromatic adventure or make an original gift.

This advent calendar contains alcohol. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume it with moderation.

The question is always the same. Which is the best whisky advent calendar? Which one to choose? It really depends on your taste, your experience and what you are looking for.

Some will expect their box to allow them to discover whiskies from all over the world, which is perfect for a complete and varied tasting session, but with the risk of not liking some of them.

Others will prefer boxes with whiskies from Ireland, which will allow them to focus on a particular type of flavour.

Another important criterion for these whisky calendars is the price. Your choice will also depend a lot on your budget, as the older and rarer the whiskey, the higher the price. You can buy them for as little as £40 up to the most expensive, which costs over £1000.

With all these Advent Calendars 2024, it is not always easy to make a choice. So why should you choose a Whisky Advent Calendar instead of another?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, tasting alone or with friends and colleagues, this box of rare and vintage miniatures is an invitation to travel through aromas with whiskies from all over the world.

With a booklet explaining the origins of whisky (Japan; Scotland; Ireland…), it will enable you to refine your palate, your knowledge, your feelings and your experience, and to deepen your tastes.

The Whisky Advent Calendar is therefore a wonderful gift idea to give to people for whom whisky is a pleasure, a journey, an experience.

If not, look for another alcohol advent calendar. What about wine or beer?

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