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+30 Disney Advent Calendars 2024

To think that the entire Disney universe was created by Walter Elias Disney almost 100 years ago! The pioneer of animation, he revolutionised an entire era and made all generations dream. Who would have thought that he would be on a site dedicated to Advent calendars 2024?

Minnie; Mickey; Nemo; Jasmine… Today we can find all these characters in their original packaging. Whether it’s make-up, jewellery, books, soft toys and accessories… Disney is everywhere!

Over the years, Disney has become a guarantee of quality, a way of letting yourself be overwhelmed by a magical world, whether you are an adult or a child, we all become children again with this world of magic conveyed through these calendars.

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Have the best Christmas ever with your Disney Advent Calendar 2024

The Snow Queen, Minnie; Mickey; Tsum Tsum… Find your favourite characters in the Disney 2024 Advent Calendar. Whether it’s make-up, jewellery, books, soft toys or accessories. Disney and friends invite you to a Christmas of stories and magic.

It is a legitimate question, because the choice can be complex, and that is why we have included in our selection of calendars the best references with characters, jewellery and other accessories signed by Disney.

The first thing to do is to decide who the disney advent calendar is for. If it is for a girl, hair accessories will be able to please her, while a boy will undoubtedly prefer cars.

You also need to know if a character is important to you. Mickey, Minnie, Nemo or even Cars, Star Wars. Again, be careful in your choice! There is so much to choose from that you will find a timetable you had not even thought of!

The content of Disney Advent calendars is very varied and different. As the brand is present in many areas (games; films; series; parks; cartoons…) and appeals to everyone (children, women and men), the number of Advent calendars that use or refer to the brand is impressive!

The most common surprises in these boxes also include

  • Jewellery with Disney characters
  • Accessories and stationery in Disney colours
  • Disney figurines or soft toys
  • Disney puzzles and stories

So many items to keep children dreaming every day.

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