Foodie Advent Calendar

Best 60 foodie advent calendar 2024 to treat yourself

Welcome to the world of gourmet delights! To whet your appetite while you wait for Christmas, discover the best foodie advent calendars: Sweet or Salty

On the menu: artisanal sweets, unique creations and delicacies to savour: honey, cheese or jam, but also tea and coffee or even oils and spices.

Here, foodie friends, you will find all the 2024 Advent calendars to liven up your palate, succumb to flavors, awaken your senses… You will not be disappointed. Have a good meal!

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Discover the Foodie Advent Calendar

December is the best time of year to treat your taste buds! Whether you’re a child or an adult, the traditional chocolate advent calendar is a sure-fire hit. But there are other gastronomic delights to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We have selected all the boxes to help you discover new flavours. Sweet and savoury are combined to help you wait for the big day.

In cube, crown, house or even pyramid format, these calendars with their sophisticated design and surprising creations will make your Advent a unique and original time.

To give to someone or to yourself? To discover in the morning or in the evening? To enjoy alone or with others? There are no rules, just enjoy every day of the countdown to Christmas.

If you are more of a “sweet” gourmet

Then you will be delighted to discover the many references of chocolate calendars (white chocolate, dark chocolate, vegan…). From traditional children’s calendars to the houses of the great French chocolatiers. The latter will allow you to taste the best chocolates: white, black, milk, ganache, truffles…

There are also sweet calendars with sweets; jams; honey; popcorn; calissons…. Everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

=> Discover all the  Sweet Foodie Advent calendars

On the other hand, if you are more of a “savoury” eater

You can treat yourself to calendars filled with cheese (yes, yes!), crisps, terrines or spices.

=> Discover all the Salty Foodie Advent calendars

After all, it’s not an easy choice, so if you’re still in doubt, why not go for both?

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