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Pukka herbs advent calendar includes 24 herbal teas presented in a dark blue rectangular box with herbs and Christmas illustrations
Pukka Advent Calendar
Brand: Pukka
Original price was: £13.69.Current price is: £11.98.


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Original price was: £13.69.Current price is: £11.98.


Introducing the Pukka advent calendar 2023. This irresistible hebal tea advent calendar features 24 carefully selected, organic herbal, fruit and teas. The perfect advent calendar for all tea lovers, with a different incredible organic tea every day for a magical Christmas Journey! Some of nature’s finest gifts.

This is a time for joy!

Plus : This advent calendar exist in Pukka 48 bags “Days of giving” ideal for couple )

Pukka Advent Calendar :



Pukka Advent Calendar 2023 :

You are invite to embark on a journey of well-being this holiday season with the Pukka Herbs Advent Calendar 2023. Pukka Herbs, a name synonymous with organic excellence, presents a remarkable way to count down to the festivities. Discover 24 moments of wellness through the magic of Pukka’s delicious herbal teas. Crafted with a commitment to the planet, this  advent calendar offers 24 unique blends that nurture both your body and mind.

Who is the Pukka Advent Calendar for?

This advent calendar will be perfect for tea lovers, people who love to taste new teas and new savors. It’s also a geat gift idea for those who already know the brand and pay attention to the quality of the their tea and prefer natural and organic teas. People who are on a diet will also enjoy it since it comes with some detox bags to help loosing weight, and we all know that teas and infusions in general are delicious and healthy drinks to stay fit.

Contents value of this Advent Calendar :

Inside this calendaryou will find a combination of citrusy, floral, sweet, and spicy tea flavors including Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey, Elderberry and Echinacea, Ginseng Matcha Green, and many more flavors!

The value of products (24 organic tea bags of different flavours like cinnamon, ginger, vanilla…) is not disclosed.

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Version available of this advent can :

Pukka introduce for 2023 two versions of its advent calendars :

Pukka code / voucher :

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Pukka Advent Calendar 2023 Release Date

The advent calendar is already available on

Additional information

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Calendar contains

SPOILER: Please note the full content of the Pukka Advent Calendar 2023 :

Each Pukka tea advent calendar contains a selection of 24 best-selling herbal blends to stay warm, healthy and in peace :

  • Three Ginger: Ginger root (52%), galangal root (28%), licorice root, turmeric root (4%).
  • Feel New: Aniseed (32.5%), sweet fennel seed (32.5%), cardamom pod (15%), licorice root, coriander seed, turmeric root.
  • Chamomile Vanilla & Manuka Honey: Chamomile flower (68.5%), fennel seed (sweet and bitter fennel seed), licorice root, manuka honey flavour (3.5%), vanilla flavour (3.5%).
  • Turmeric Active: Turmeric root (31.5%), ginger root (26.5%), galangal root, licorice root, nettle leaf, burdock root, orange essential oil flavour (4%).
  • Peppermint & licorice: Peppermint leaf (60%), licorice root (40%).
    Contains Licorice - People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption. Seek professional advice during pregnancy.
  • Supreme Matcha Green: Green tea blend (Sencha, Indian, Vietnamese) (98%), Matcha (2%).
  • Radiance: Nettle leaf (40%), peppermint leaf (25%), sweet fennel seed (24.5%), dandelion root, licorice root, aloe vera inner leaf.
  • Lemongrass & Ginger: Lemongrass (48%), ginger root (28%), licorice root, lemon verbena leaf, lemongrass essential oil flavour (4%).
  • Elderberry & Echinacea: Ginger root, licorice root, echinacea herb (11%), beetroot, aniseed, rosehip, peppermint leaf, orange peel, elderflower (5%), elderberry (4%), hibiscus, orange essential oil flavour, blackcurrant flavour.
  • Tulsi Clarity: Tulsi leaf blend (green Rama, purple Krishna, lemon Vana).
  • Winter Warmer: Ginger root (23%), rooibos leaf (18%), orange peel (17%), star anise fruit (7%), hibiscus, sweet cinnamon bark (6%), lemon balm leaf, roasted chicory root, orange essential oil flavour (5%), clove bud, cinnamon essential oil flavour (3%), black peppercorn.
  • Lemon Ginger & Manuka honey: Ginger root (32%), licorice root, sweet fennel seed, lemon peel (8%), elderflower, lemon verbena leaf, turmeric root, lemon essential oil flavour (6%), lemon myrtle leaf, manuka honey flavour (2%).
  • Three Fennel: Sweet fennel seed (50%), bitter fennel seed (45%), fennel leaf (5%).
  • Joy: Lemon balm leaf (29%), lemongrass, lemon verbena leaf (13%), licorice root, lemon Vana Tulsi leaf, lavender flower, orange essential oil flavour (5%), bergamot essential oil flavour, rose flower.
  • Ginseng Matcha Green: Sencha green tea (50%), lemongrass, ginger root, licorice root, lemon Vana Tulsi leaf (10%), lemongrass essential oil flavour, Matcha (2%), red ginseng root (2%).
  • Night TimeOat flowering tops (30%), chamomile flower, licorice root, lavender flower (14%), lime flower (10%), Tulsi leaf, valerian root (4.9%).
  • Relax: Sweet fennel seed (24%), chamomile flower (18%), oat flowering tops, licorice root, cardamom pod, ginger root, marshmallow root (5%).
  • licorice & Cinnamon: licorice root (25%), cocoa bean shell (20%), roasted chicory root, cardamom pod, cinnamon bark (15%), sweet fennel seed. Contains Licorice - People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption. Seek professional advice during pregnancy.
  • Love: Chamomile flower (31%), marigold flower, elderflower, licorice root, lime flower, lavender flower (6%), rose flower (4%).
  • Three Chamomile: African chamomile flower (70%), Egyptian chamomile flower (20%), European chamomile flower (10%).
  • Clean Matcha Green: Sencha green tea (40%), sweet fennel seed, nettle leaf, licorice root, turmeric root, lemon essential oil flavour (6%), lemon whole (4%), lemon myrtle leaf, Matcha (2%).

Content value of this advent calendar 2023: not disclosed

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