Vodka Advent Calendar

TOP 5 Vodka Advent Calendar to discover to countdown Christmas 2024

We have chosen the best for you! These 2024 Vodka Advent Calendars are for adults only! And for good reason! Inside you will find all kinds of vodka! Discover different assortments, drams formats… Get ready for a tasting of a thousand flavours!

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Prepare for an exciting Christmas with the Vodka Advent Calendar

This colourless spirit is around 40 degrees.

Vodka is made from various agricultural products. Traditionally it is made from cereals (rye, wheat) and potatoes. It can also be made from other agricultural products such as beetroot and fruit (apples, plums).

With this calendar, discover all the different types of vodka and create your best cocktails.

This advent calendar is for adults only and contains alcohol. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume it in moderation.

The best Vodka Advent calendar:

The question is back. Which is the best vodka advent calendar? Which one to choose? It really depends on your taste, your experience and what you are looking for.

Some of you will expect the box to make you discover the world of vodkas. It’s the perfect way to get a complete and varied tasting, but with the risk of not liking some of them. Others, however, prefer boxes containing only Polish vodka, for example, which allows them to concentrate on a particular type of flavour.

Another important criterion for these vodka calendars is, unfortunately, the price. Your choice will also depend a lot on your budget.

But don’t worry, we’ve selected the best vodkas for every budget. So let your taste and inspiration guide you. You won’t be disappointed! Cheers! (Please note that these are for adults only!)

There are 6 different alcohol advent calendars available:

The best selling and most famous alcohol advent calendar is the beer one. It should remain so until 2024.

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