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The Best Wine Advent Calendar 2024

White wine, red wine, organic wine… Count down to Christmas 2024 and taste the best grape varieties. For 12 or 24 days, discover a selection of the best wines from all over the world with these wine advent calendars.

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We have selected the best wine Advent calendars for you!

For all wine lovers and gourmets, these 2024 boxes are for adults only! And for good reason! You will find all kinds of wines inside!

This Advent calendar is an assortment of wines and is a unique gift as Christmas approaches. Made up of the best wines (white, rosé and red) from France and the world, it allows a complete, original and fun tasting session.

So, with a glass in one hand and your Advent calendar in the other, let yourself be surprised by the typical aromas of the world’s great appellations and get ready for a tasting of a thousand flavours.

Prolong the wine experience with a delicious Christmas meal or an evening of intense tasting.

This adult only Advent calendar contains alcohol. Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, so consume in moderation.

The question always comes up. Which is the best wine advent calendar? Which one to choose? It really depends on your taste, your experience and what you are looking for.

24 miniatures of wine or 12 bottles of 75cl, you must choose the Advent calendar that best suits your tastes and drinking habits. Is it for fun or to discover new flavours?

You will also have to choose between white wine, red wine or an assortment of both. There are also calendars with rosé and champagne. This is the magic of Advent.

The selection of each Advent calendar presented here is the best of wines. So let your taste and intuition guide you, and you won’t be disappointed! Cheers! (Please note that these are for adults only!)

There is no doubt that if you like wine, its sweet perfume, these aromas on your palate, its flavours and your favourite hashtag is #winelovers, you will be happy to discover and appreciate the calendar of ‘Advent Wine!

If the French often find wine on their tables during festive meals, with the family and at Christmas, it is because it is an undeniable accompaniment. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to open several bottles and start tasting. This box will not only help you to change your wine consumption habits, but will also enable you to discover wines from all the regions of France. Whites, reds, rosés… Embark on a 12 or 24 day discovery! Each box comes with a booklet explaining the origins of the wines, as well as recipes and accompaniments to help you appreciate and enjoy your drink.

And since wine is also a moment of sharing, what better way to share this experience than with several people, as a couple or with friends.

A blind tasting, a challenge to discover the origin, the flavour… Between fun and conviviality, the Wine Advent Calendar is a fun, playful and authentic way to explore your palate, your knowledge and your tastes.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s an original gift idea to wait for Christmas.

Cheers to your glasses!

Restrictions and precautions:
As with all alcoholic beverages, these calendars should not be consumed by minors, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or anyone with a medical or physical condition related to alcohol.

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