Alcohol Advent Calendar

Best 30+ Alcohol Advent Calendar 2024

The Alcohol Advent Calendar is for adults only! And that’s for a good reason! Inside these calendars you will find all sorts of drinks containing alcohol and spirits. Enough to guarantee an advent of the best alcohol tasting.

One of the most popular is the beer advent calendar. But you can also taste other alcohols (a little stronger) with the whisky, gin, rum or even wine, cocktail and champagne calendars.

To help you choose, we have selected the best alcohol advent calendars for you:

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Lovers of alcoholic beverages and tastings, don’t let December pass without your alcohol calendar.

On the program: a tour around the world’s best breweries, an aromatic exploration or the discovery of the great artisanal producers.

To offer as a gift or to get for yourself, for 12 or 24 days, we have selected the best alcohol advent calendars for you! You’ll find all types: Beer Advent Calendars; Whisky Advent Calendars; Wine Advent Calendars; Vodka Advent Calendars; Rum Advent Calendars, a mix of everything etc…

This adult advent calendar contains alcohol. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

Are you tempted by 12 or 24 days of tasting? Which is the best alcohol advent calendar to wait for Christmas? Which alcohol is worth the price?

Of course, your taste and drinking habits will give you some answers.

But to make the choice easier, here are 6 types of alcohol calendars to choose from: Beer; Wine; Rum; Whisky; Gin and Vodka.

Beer advent calendars are the most common. They allow you to have a good, well-filled mug at any time of the day and taste brewed flavours. Calendars with stronger alcohol require more finesse and are more conducive to tasting. A good rum … feel the flavours on your palate … the effervescence of the aromas of a red wine. Like whisky and other liqueurs.

The price of alcohol calendars starts from £30 and can go up to over $1000 for very rare whiskies, for example.

A difference that is explained by the type of drink (beer is cheaper than whisky), the capacity (dram or bottle), the type of production (artisanal or industrial) and also the design of the calendar.

The good news is that we have selected for you the best alcohol calendars 2024 to help you make a choice!

The Alcohol Advent calendar is one of the most popular Advent calendars for adults. The bear one is even one of the most appreciated and sought after.

Who buys them? We tend to think and believe that this type of Advent calendar is only for men. But while it’s true that the majority of consumers are men, there are also many women who enjoy a beer, a good glass of wine or even rum.

Like many boxes, it depends on everyone’s taste. But once again, don’t be fooled by appearances, use your instincts!

Restriction and Caution:

As all alcoholic beverages, these calendars should not be consumed by minors; pregnant women; breastfeeding women, or anyone with medical or physical conditions that prevent them from consuming alcohol

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