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Best +60 Adult Advent Calendar 2024

Are you over 18? Great! You’re allowed to discover our advent calendar for adults here! After chocolate, toys and beauty… it’s time for the serious things now: Alcohol, Sex toys and CBD.

Get to choose between more than 60 gift box ideas including Wines; Beers; Sex toys; Lingerie; Cheese and many more!

We know the choice will be a hard one here, this is why we have selected the best Adult Advent Calendars to help you make a choice!!

Whether it’s for Men, Women or couples, get ready for a countdown to Christmas 2024 like you’ve never had before!

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The adult Advent calendar is only made for adults!

For along time, Advent calendars have been only designed for children, but now, thanks to the adult boxes, you can still enjoy the Christmas countdown no matter how old you are! Chocolate and sweets gave way to even surprising people over 18 years of age!

The advents for adults started with Alcohols such as Beer, Wine and Whisky with a growing success up until today!

But that’s nothing compared to the sexy advent calendars for adults that have conquered Men, Women and Couples in just a few years. The acceleration of sexual liberation and the abandonment of taboos around sex, enabled these naughty boxes to become essential as we wait for Christmas. Between Naughty Challenges, alluring lingerie or even sex toys, many enjoy this time of the year to give free rein to their desires.

Recently, new original advent calendars for adults have emerged. From the unlikeliest one such as CBD, to the most Cheese ones, there are now calendars for all tastes, pockets and genders. So enjoy, it only lasts 24 days!

Made for Women as well as Men and couples, the Adult Advent Calendar is a box that provides products and accessories for only people over 18 years old.

There are 3 main categories of calendars:

Alcohol Advent Calendars

They will offer you the opportunity to taste drinks and spirits such as: Beer; rum; whisky; wine or even gin and Vodka.

Among the best-known advent calendars are the Berry Christmas (Beer Flavor); Drink By the Dram; or Beer of the World.

Erotic Advent Calendars

Make way for sensuality and desire with these sexy boxes. What will you find inside these boxes? Exclusive products for adults: Sex toys; love games; BDSM accessories and even lingerie.

Amorelie Advent calendar is one of the references in this area with the Sinful Advent calendar. Lovehoney has the advantage of offering 3 different boxes: a Sexy Advent Calendar for men, an Erotic Advent Calendar for men and women and a Couple Advent Calendar.

CBD Advent calendars

This one is definitely an innovation in the adult advent calendar market: a box containing several CBD flowers to open each day.

Other Advent Calendars

So yes, of course, you may also find your happiness among other Advent calendar references such as Beauty; Zero Dechet or Harry Potter which offer boxes for the whole family and all ages. But let’s be honest, those that are only adults are the most original and surprising ;)

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