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Cheddar Cheesemas

Cheddar Cheesemas


2023 Cheese Advent Calendar ! The ultimate advent calendar for any cheese lover to count down the days till Christmas!

The Chuckling Cheese Company’s 2023 Cheese Advent Calendar is a delightful journey for cheese enthusiasts.

Perfect for a savory twist to the traditional Advent experience, featuring 24 days of cheesy delights. It includes 12 Mini Cheese Truckles (40g each), 6 Mini Chutney Jars (28g each), and 6 Mini Biscuit Packs, ensuring a well-rounded tasting experience.

Looking for an original foodie advent calendar ? Discover The Ultimate Advent Calendar For Cheese Lovers 2023. In this calendar you will find 12 variety of Cheddar and 12 accompaniment.

Cheddar Cheesemas Advent Calendar :



Cheddar Cheesemas advent calendar 2023 :

This is the ultimate way to count down the days till Christmas, perfect for anyone who loves cheese!

Included in this delicious advent calendar is everything you will need to enjoy a range of delicious cheesy snack! With 12 Mini Cheese Truckles including special flavours. All the mini cheese truckles are individually wrapped in colourful wax to seal in the freshness and delicious flavours.

Each cheese included in this cheese advent calendar has a best before date of 28/02/2024

Storage Instructions: Refrigerate or store in a chilled environment below 5 degrees.

  • 12 Mini Cheese Truckles (40g)
  • 6 Mini Chutney Jars (28g)
  • 6 Mini Biscuit Packs.

=> Discover full content of this calendar in the SPOILER tab

Contents value of this Advent Calendar 2023 : 

Contents inside this advent calendar is : not disclosed

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Calendar contains

SPOILER: Please note the full content of the 2023 Cheddar Cheesemas Advent Calendar:

This foodie advent calendar contains 12 mini cheese truckles including favours such as:

  • 12 Mini Cheese Truckles (40g)
  • 6 Mini Chutney Jars (28g)
  • 6 Mini Biscuit Packs.

Discover 6 flavours of cheese in best selling and Christmas special flavours including:

  • Christmas Cranberry Cheddar - Our Cranberry Christmas Cheddar is limited edition for Christmas, infused with juicy cranberries for a classic, fruity, Christmas cheese!
  • Vintage Cheddar - Our Vintage Cheddar is our best seller! A strong and tangy cheddar, aged for 3 and a half years and laced with salt crystals.
  • Mexican Sweet Chilli Cheddar - Our Mexican Sweet Chilli Cheddar is sweet and spicy! Blended with apricots, lime, and chillies!
  • Sunday Roast Cheddar - Our Sunday Roast Cheddar is infused with garlic, rosemary, and black pepper...bringing you all the flavours of stuffing!
  • Pigs in Blankets Cheddar - Our limited edition Pigs in Blankets Cheddar is a smoky bacon flavoured cheese, inspired by the ultimate Christmas side dish!
  • Orange & Whiskey Cheddar - Our Orange & Whiskey Cheddar is infused with orange marmalade and a hint of whiskey for a smooth and fruity cheddar.

The included chutneys come in 2 new flavours of Country Garden Chutney and Caramelised Onion Marmalade.

Content value of this advent calendar 2023: not disclosed

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