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The Cheesegeek Advent Calendar 2023 is a limited opportunity to embrace the magic of Christmas with a world-class cheese experience.

With free delivery in three installments, you can savor the cheese in its prime condition. Each cheese delivery is carefully packaged in a climate-controlled box with a 48-hour freshness guarantee. What’s more, a detailed insert provides information on the cheeses, tasting notes, and a scorecard to make the most of your festive cheese journey.

Order now, and get ready to indulge in the finest artisan cheeses that will make this Christmas the cheesiest one yet!

Cheesegeek Advent Calendar :



Cheesegeek Advent Calendar 2023 :

Swap chocolate for cheese and make it the tastiest countdown to Christmas yet with the World’s Greatest Cheese Advent Calendar.

Behind each window you’ll discover a unique artisan cheese that we love. You’ll receive three deliveries, ensuring that the cheese is delivered in fresh condition. Each delivery comes with a pack of Peter’s Yard crackers, a jar of honey, and a condiment, thoughtfully chosen to complement the featured cheeses. This calendar is not just about cheese; it’s a complete cheese-tasting experience, a culinary adventure for the cheese fanatic in your life.

Who is the Cheesegeek Advent Calendar for?

This calendar is perfect for cheese lovers of all kinds, whether you’re a cheese expert or just starting to discover different types of cheese. It’s made for anyone who wants to have a holiday season filled with cheese. Whether you like the usual cheese or more unique and special ones, this calendar has something for everyone. It’s also a great gift to give to your cheese-loving friends and family for Christmas.

Content’s value of this Advent Calendar :

The Cheesegeek Advent Calendar offers exceptional value and a wonderful cheese experience. The cheese selection is a well-guarded secret, adding an element of surprise to your daily cheese discovery

The value of products (24 fine artisan cheeses, crackers, jar of condiment, jar of honey…) is not disclosed.

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Cheesegeek code / voucher :

No available promo / discount code for this advent calendar at the moment.

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  • Cheesgeek advantage: Free Uk delivery

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Cheesegeek Advent Calendar 2023 Release Date

The advent calendar is available on website

Additional information

By Recipient

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Calendar contains

SPOILER: Please note the full content of the 2023 Cheesegeek

Advent Calendar:

Inside this cheese lover's dream advent calendar, you'll discover:

  • 24 x 75g pieces of artisan cheese, totaling over 1.8kg of cheese.
  • A delightful selection of Peter's Yard crackers, perfect for cheese pairing.
  • A 45g jar of honey to add a touch of sweetness to your cheese tasting.
  • A 113g jar of a condiment specially crafted to enhance the cheese's flavors.

Content's worth of this advent calendar 2023: not disclosed

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