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Drinks by the Dram – Japanese Whisky

Drinks by the Dram – Japanese Whisky


Drinks By The Dram

In recent years the whiskies of Japan have become immensely popular – with good reason, of course, and that reason is that they are often spectacular. If you happen to be a fan of Japanese whiskies, you’ll be happy to hear that Drinks by the Dram has the most spectacular way for you to count down to Christmas – the Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar!

Behind each of the 24 windows awaits a different 30ml wax-sealed dram of whisky from some of Japan’s best producers, exploring a gamut of style, including single malts, single grains, blends and more.

Plus: this advent calendar is available in 2 versions

Drinks by the Dram - Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar :



Drinks by the Dram – Japanese Whisky advent calendar 2023 :

If you consider yourself a Japanese whisky fan, or know someone who does, we reckon we’ve got something that’ll be worth paying attention to. It’s the 2023 Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar from Drinks by the Dram!

Some of the finest whiskies in the world hail from Japan, and this calendar is a wonderful way to try them. Behind each door you’ll discover exciting, rare, and delicious expressions, from whiskies aged in unusual casks to distiller’s reserves.

Who is this Drinks by the Dram’s Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar for?

The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar 2023 [Kintsugi] appeals to a diverse audience, including both seasoned whisky enthusiasts and those looking to infuse their holiday season with a touch of elegance. Whisky lovers will enjoy the opportunity of exploring 24 handpicked Japanese whisky samples, ranging from single malts to blends, each housed behind beautifully decorated and patterned doors.

Contents and value of this Advent Calendar :

Behind each door, you’ll discover a 3cl sample of carefully selected Japanese whiskies, each with its own distinct character and flavor profile. The calendar offers a great variety, including single malts, blends, and aged expressions.

Adult advent calendar content value : Not disclosed

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Where to buy this advent calendar :

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Versions of this Calendar:

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Additional information

By Recipient


Calendar contains

SPOILER: Please note the full content of the 2023 Drinks by the Dram - Japanese Whisky advent calendar :

This adult advent calendar contains 24 different 30ml wax-sealed drams of Japanese whisky :

  • Chita Single Grain 3cl Sample
  • Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve 3cl Sample
  • Hatozaki Blended 3cl Sample
  • Hatozaki Pure Malt 3cl Sample
  • Hibiki Japanese Harmony 3cl Sample
  • Japanese Blended Whisky #1 21 Year Old – Batch 3 (That Boutique-y Whisky
  • Company) (37.5cl) 3cl Sample
  • Kaiyo The Peated 3cl Sample
  • Kaiyo Whisky 3cl Sample
  • Kaiyo Whisky Cask Strength 3cl Sample
  • Mars Kasei 3cl Sample
  • Mars Maltage Cosmo 3cl Sample
  • Miyagikyo Single Malt 3cl Sample
  • Nikka Days 3cl Sample
  • Nikka Whisky From The Barrel 3cl Sample
  • The Kurayoshi Pure Malt 3cl Sample
  • The Kurayoshi Sherry Cask 3cl Sample
  • The Nikka Tailored 3cl Sample
  • Togouchi Premium Blended Japanese Whisky 3cl Sample
  • Toki Blended Japanese Whisky 3cl Sample
  • White Oak Akashi Blended Whisky 3cl Sample
  • White Oak Akashi Single Malt 3cl Sample
  • Yamazaki 12 Year Old 3cl Sample
  • Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve 3cl Sample
  • Yoichi Single Malt 3cl Sample

Content value of this advent calendar: Not Disclosed

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