Advent Calendar for Men

Top 50 Men’s Advent Calendars for the countdown to Christmas 2024

Everyone has the right to enjoy their Christmas countdown, children, women and even animals, so it only seemed logical to create an Advent calendar for men.

Is your man a culinary enthusiast who enjoys gourmet delights, or is he one to look for creative projects and hands-on experiences, or perhaps a self-care addict who appreciates the finer things in life? No matter what his character is like, we have an advent calendar just for him!

Browse through our endless calendars for the year 2023 to find the right one for him this holiday season. From grooming essentials and luxurious skincare indulgences to alluring fragrances, best-selling craft beer, premium whiskies and fine wines, and artisanal assortments of exquisite chocolates, each Advent calendar promises to add something extraordinary to your holiday festivities!

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Which advent calendar for a Man ?

With the development and proliferation of Advent calendars, it seemed logical that men should also have the right to enjoy the countdown to Christmas.

However, it is not always easy to find an original gift or the perfect surprise in this growing market. That is why we have made this selection of themes that men are generally most interested in.

Of course, many of the calendars are unisex. Cheese, games, children and even Playmobil or Lego. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for in this selection of the best Advent calendars for men, maybe try another category. There is bound to be a box to suit your taste.

It can sometimes seem difficult to find the perfect gift fo men! This is why, here you will find a collection of the best advent calendars for men. So come on let’s find out which one will suit him best!

Alcohol, beauty, erotic… This could be a great gift for a husband, a father, a friend or even a colleague! To help you find THE ideal box, we have selected the 20+ best Advent calendars for men!

But  before we start your selection, we advise you to ask yourself a few questions about him and his tastes: does he like wine, rum or beer? Does he use beauty products or is he a fan of skincare and grooming? Does he have a favourite game to play, or a favourite character? Is he a do-it-yourselfer? Or perhaps a foodie?

If you have some answers, you are well on your way to giving him the 2024 Advent calendar of his dreams! But one thing is clear, no matter what you choose, a gift given with love is always a happy gift!

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