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Experience the wonder of the season with our Magician Advent Calendar for kids with 24 days of magical surprises and tricks. Presented in a navy blue rectangular box with magic theatre and tricks illustrations
Magic Advent Calendar
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Original price was: £22.99.Current price is: £16.99.

Unlock the world of magic with the Magic Advent Calendar for kids! Discover a 24 day journey of magic tricks that will captivate young minds and fill their holiday season with wonder and excitement.

From ‘Mind Reading Cards’ to ‘Find Santa’ and ‘Mystifying Production Box,’ this calendar offers a diverse range of mystical surprises to learn everyday! It’s the ideal gift for young aspiring magicians, fostering creativity and teaching valuable skills in a fun and engaging way. Make this holiday season truly magical with the Magician Advent Calendar and create lasting memories filled with awe and entertainment.

Magic Advent Calendar :



Magic Advent Calendar 2023 :

Give your kids the chance to learn an exciting magic trick every day with this Magic advent calendar! Use the full-colour magic guide book to learn the tricks and impress your friends and family.

When all doors have been opened, kids end up with a complete Magic Set that they can use time and again. The magic trick accessories can be kept safe and tidy in the lovely drawstring bag that comes with the advent calendar. This calendar is specially designed for kids, each trick is fun and easy to learn with varying levels of difficulty. Illustrated in full-colour and includes step-by-step instructions so kids can quickly learn how to perform each trick

With this calendar not only will the whole family enjoy watching their little magician’s show, but the kids will also learn some valuable skills, including hand-eye coordination, confidence, communication, critical thinking, patience, creativity, and the art of entertainment!

Who is the Magic Advent Calendar for?

This advent calendar is perfect for children over than 6 years old who love to play together with family and friends. Each day they can try new magic tricks with new rules and new aims, which is great to make him think and understand new concepts. It’s also a way to offer him a present each day of December until the big day!

Contents value of this Advent Calendar :

Inside this calendar you will find everything that your kids need to learn some mesmerising magic tricks. From ‘Mind Reading Cards’ and ‘The Magical Dropper’ to ‘Amazing Christmas Prediction’ and ‘The Snowmen Trick’, this calendar  includes accessories that will help your kid put on a show like no other!

The value of products (cards, items, coins) contained in this Magic Advent calendar is not disclosed.

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Calendar contains

SPOILER: Please note the full content of the 2023 Magic advent calendar:

This advent calendar contains 24 days of magic tricks to open and learn!

  • 'The Magic Coin Box'
  • 'Mind Reading Cards'
  • 'Where is the ten of spades' & 'The Cards Change Place'
  • 'The Professional Magic Card Box
  • 'Amazing Christmas Prediction'
  • 'Bouncing Snowmen Babies' & 'The Snowmen Trick'
  • 'Xs and O's Prediction'
  • 'You Just Can't Get it Right!'
  • 'The Magic Mirror'
  • 'The Coin Disc'
  • 'Music Prediction'
  • 'The Money Cup'
  • 'Magical Illusion Card'
  • 'Appearing Red Hanky'
  • 'The Coin Saucer
  • 'Dizzy Arrows'
  • 'Paddle Movement' & 'Spot the Difference'
  • 'Human Calculator'
  • 'Never Ending Story'
  • 'The Magical Dropper'
  • 'Find Santa
  • 'The Mystery Tube
  • 'Twisted & Turned'
  • 'Mystifying Production Box'

Content value of this advent calendar: not disclosed

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