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+80 Toy Advent Calendar 2024

Perfect for kids (and older children), the Toy Advent Calendar is filled with children’s favourite characters, cars, colouring puzzles or discovery games.

They include references such as the Lego advent calendar; playmobil advent calendar or the famous harry potter advent calendar.

For girls and boys, your child will love waiting for Christmas with his best toy advent calendar 2024 for sure !

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This essential and famous toy Advent calendar!

Advent is a unique time for children and they look forward to it every year.

If chocolates have long been children’s favourite boxes, the toy Advent calendar has become a tradition, a symbol, an unmissable box to wait for Christmas.

Young and old, girls and boys, the brands have thought of everything to make this countdown, this moment, playful, creative and unique.

Among the references to delight children: Lego; Playmobil or Disney and Harry Potter are among the best toy Advent calendars that young people and even adults love.

The Toy Advent Calendar consists of 12 to 24 surprises to keep children (and adults) waiting and happy.

The most popular toy boxes are :

Advent calendar with figures

What could be better than waiting for Christmas with your favourite characters? Barbie; Harry Potter; Star Wars or Pokemon, children will have fun with their characters, living unique and original stories and adventures.

See all advent calendars with figures

Advent calendar with vehicles

It comes as no surprise. Cars, trains, cranes and even helicopters have long been toys that children never get tired of, and they are just as fun to discover in their toy Advent calendar.

See the toy advent calendars with cars

Advent calendar with animals

There are many different types of animals that children love to discover. The most extraordinary ones, such as dinosaurs, unicorns and dragons. And then there are the everyday ones: horses, farm animals and zoo animals. But don’t be fooled, children sometimes give them impressive magical powers!

Advent calendar with jewelry / Key ring

More commonly expected by little girls, pendants, rings, bracelets or even necklaces are little surprise jewels that they love to collect and personalise.

See the toy advent calendars with jewellery or the toy advent calendars with key rings.

See the toy advent calendars with jewels or See the toy advent calendars with key rings

Advent Calendar with Beauty Product & Accessory

Becoming a little woman and doing like a big one is the dream of many little girls! Inside these beauty boxes, everything you need to look beautiful like mum: lipstick; barrettes; varnish.. As the products and accessories are adapted to children, the pleasure for parents to see their children imitate them becomes a real moment of joy.

See beauty advent calendars

Advent Calendar with Modelling Pate / Slime

Get ready for fun and creative moments! Once in their hands, children won’t want to let go of their modelling clay and slime! Fun with its gelatinous and elastic appearance, easy to use, each day they will be able to discover a new colour of clay or accessories to create original shapes in their Advent calendar.

Advent Calendar with History and Enigmas

Live a moment of joy and sharing with your children with the toy Advent calendars (with books, magic or puzzles). Between discovery, entertainment and experience, get ready for unique moments.

Finally, there is no shortage of gifts in a toy Advent calendar. Original and fun ideas for children to choose from, adapt and personalise according to your taste and budget.

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