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Welcome to the world of the Advent Calendar

What is An Advent Calendar ?

Advent Calendar it is a special calendar used to count down the days to Christmas. Advent begins on the fourth Sunday of the month before Christmas, and lasts about a month. So it happens every year on a different date. For Catholics and Protestants, the first day of Advent is even the first day of the religious year.

The origin of the advent calendar comes from Germany in the 19th century. Several families distributed holy and pious images to the children (including a sentence from the Gospel or an invitation to do a good deed) which they discovered each morning in December, and those with the aim of making them wait until December 25th.

These images become more and more sumptuous from the 1850s. They take on colors, gold, silver, relief, paper lace… They are sometimes even edited in the form of triptychs, with shutters. to open to discover the central drawing.

The advent calendar as we know it today comes from Gehard Lang, publisher of medical books in Munich, who in 1908 was the first to market a calendar made up of small colorful drawings bound to a cardboard backing. It was not until later, in 1920, that the first Advent calendar appeared with small doors or windows to open.

It wasn’t until 1958 that chocolate made its appearance on advent calendars.

Really 250+ Advent Calendars ?

It might sound crazy, but there are indeed over 250 different advent calendar references on our website. If we were to calculate them on a global scale, we would probably be around 10,000 different references. Not to mention the thousands of handmade advent calendars

The country where Advent calendars are most successful, and where there is a wide variety of them, is Germany, the country origin of this kind of Calendar as we know it today.

So of course, each calendar of christmas has its own specificities. The most traditional are those with chocolate, toys, beauty products, not to mention those with beer 😉

Then there are more original advent calendars. Whether by the price, such as that of Porsche Design in 2013 which cost 1 million dollars or the advent calendar of Tiffany & Co worth 112,000 dollars! Or by their content: erotic objects; with CBD; with pencils or plants, socks or stones.

It can easily be said that anyone can find an advent calendar to their liking ! 

So how do you choose your advent calendar?

Are you looking for THE advent calendar that will make you dream until Christmas, the one that day after day will offer you a moment of pleasure, discovery, passion or sharing?

Not easy ! But good news, you’ve come to the right place to find this advent calendar!

You can search your advent calendar by price

This is one of the most important criteria!
To give you an idea, the average price across all referenced advent calendars is £ 45.
You can easily filter the price of products.
It should help you already.

filter price advent calendar

You can search your advent calendar by categorie

But of course, beyond the price, you must not forget your tastes or those of the person to whom you want to offer it. You have to take the content into consideration! Jewelry ? Chocolates ? Beer? Some nail polish ? Teas? dog food ? (and yes even that!).

There are a lot of different products! So as much to tell you, it will be necessary to choose. But it’s the pleasure of having the choice. To help you with this process, we have listed the advent calendars by category.

There are 7 categories :

You can search your advent calendar by design

Design is important! No matter what, the calendar has become an object of art in itself! An object that we want to exhibit, which for a month, will arouse pleasure in us. It’s going to be there, sitting on a dresser, hanging in the kitchen, arranged on the living room shelf… Yes, your advent calendar must amaze you every December morning.

For this, we can only admire the efforts of brands in developing the design of their products. The colors, visuals, shapes, openings … Inspiration and creativity are remarkable and make them, in the choice of the advent calendar, a determining criterion

You need search your advent calendar by personal pleasure !

And then in the end, if the most important thing was to listen to your desires!

Please ? Do you want to? or do you know he’ll be happy? So go for it! This is also the magic of Christmas! Listen to your desires, discover, test, have fun and enjoy!

In one of the advent calendars, 24 days of Happiness await you, that’s for sure. So follow your instincts and let yourself be permeated by the pleasure of this moment. Merry Advent, Merry Count Down Christmas !

now discover the 250 references !

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