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Girls Surprises Advent Calendar 2023 packed with 24 fun surprises. Presented in a dreamy pink keepsake box with rainbow illustrations
Girls Surprises Advent Calendar


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Girls Surprises


Make your girl’s Christmas countdown truly magical with the Girls Surprises Advent Calendar.

This calendar is full of dreamy and fun surprises, it is the perfect way to add sparkle to the holiday season! It’s not only a calendar for daily teats but also a beautiful fairy-like keepsake that can go in every girl’s bedroom. Being child-safe with a thoughtfully designed gift box, this calendar makes the perfect gift for all the little girls in your lives!

What a fantastic way to make your child’s Christmas countdown unforgettable!

Girls Surprises Advent Calendar :



Girls Surprises Advent Calendar 2023:

Meet the Girls Surprises Advent Calendar 2023 – an extra special Christmas gift for girls! It’s like a magical box full of 24 amazing surprises, one for each day leading up to Christmas. As you unveil the surprises each day, you’ll find all sorts of wonderful things like pretty hair clips, jewelry, and even a unicorn mirror.

It’s a fantastic way to make the days before Christmas even more exciting!

Who is this calendar for?

This calendar is made for little girls who love surprises and pretty things. It’s also a great gift for moms to give to their daughters, granddaughters, or nieces. With its unicorn and rainbow themes, it’s perfect for any girl who wants to make her Christmas even more special.

Value and content of the advent calendar:

Inside this magical calendar, you’ll discover lots of wonderful gifts, like hair clips, bracelets, a unicorn mirror, and more. Every day holds a new surprise, and it’s all designed to make your little one’s Christmas unforgettable.

The value of the products ( 24 accessories, hair pieces) contained in this girl advent calendar is not disclosed

=> Discover the full contents of this calendar in the CALENDAR CONTENTS tab.

Other versions of this calendar:

This calendar is available in the following versions:

Girls Surprises discount code :

  • No Discount code for this advent calendar

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Girls Surprises Advent Calendar 2023 Release date:

The advent calendar is already available

Additional information

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Calendar contains

SPOILER: Please note the full content of the 2023 Girls Surprises Advent Calendar :

Here's a peek at the 24 stunning gifts hidden inside the Girls Surprises Advent Calendar:

  • 9 kinds of hair clips
  • Coin purse
  • 4 kinds of hair rings
  • Crown hair comb
  • 2 cute rings
  • Glasses
  • Unicorn keychain
  • 3 kinds of bracelets
  • Necklet
  • Christmas tree brooch
  • Roll of paper tape
  • Unicorn mirror

Content value of this advent calendar: not disclosed

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