Movie and Nerds Advent Calendar

+60 best geek and nerds advent calendar 2024 :

Fortnite, Super Mario, Pokemon or Minecraft … We’ve got the best geek advent calendars for you, from Harry Potter to Star Wars to Batman, plus lots of accessories, Lego, Funko Pop and more for your favourite characters and TV shows.

Advent calendars for nerds who want to be like superheroes.

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Original and fun, the Geek Advent Calendar

Is an opportunity to discover gifts inspired by your favourite films, TV series and superheroes.

Whether for children or adults, these boxes of accessories and goodies will allow you to spend a pleasant moment, relive good memories or play with your favourite characters during the Christmas period.

Geek favourites include the inevitable Harry Potter, Star Wars and Friends, but also Pokémon, Super Mario and MineCraft.

Whether as a gift or for yourself, whatever your age or sex, the Geek Advent calendar is above all an ideal means of entertainment for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the exciting and entertaining worlds of games and films.

The Geek Advent Calendar includes all the universes with characters from the most successful video games, movies and series.

Among the most popular calendars with characters or films in 2024, we find:

  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Friends
  • Marvel
  • Minecraft
  • Pokemon
  • Batman

Whether it’s Lego, Funko Pop, goodies or a kit, each Geek Advent calendar allows children and adults to enjoy the festive season with their favourite characters and heroes.

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