Unique Advent Calendar

+60 Unsual and Unique advent calendars 2024

Unique, surprising and incredible content (CBD; cheese; seeds…), amazing shape (triangle; box; jewellery box), new concept (ice cream; crystal decoration; to build…), discover the best of the Unique Advent calendar!

+60 fun, creative, original and unusual gift box ideas for adults, men and women. The Unique Advent Calendar 2024 will surprise you! That’s for sure!

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Let the Unsual and Unique

Advent Calendar surprise you!

In 10 years, this product has evolved at an incredible rate. We have gone from the simple rectangular chocolate Advent calendar to the original bottle-shaped calendar full of luxury products.

In this context, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate, to create a box or a product that is out of the ordinary. And yet, every year new calendars appear, often with the same budget, offering something new, rethinking their concept, their contents, always more unusual, more original.

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