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Animal’s building blocks advent calendar including 24 building block pieces. Presented in a green rectangular box with dinosaur,elephant and other animal illustrations
Animal's building blocks Advent Calendar


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Animal’s building blocks


Animal’s building blocks


Make this Christmas unforgettable with the Animal Building Blocks Advent Calendar 2023. It’s more than just an advent calendar; it’s a journey of creativity, exploration, and joy for kids.

With daily surprises and the opportunity to build magnificent animals, this calendar is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season. Plus, it comes with a greeting card, making it an excellent Christmas gift that promises to bring endless happiness.

Animal's building blocks Advent Calendar :



Animal’s building blocks advent calendar 2023 :

Introducing the Animal’s Building Blocks Advent Calendar 2023, a whimsical and imaginative way to celebrate Christmas with the young ones. This advent calendar is designed to spark joy and creativity, offering 24 days of unique and adorable animal building blocks that will captivate children’s hearts and minds.

Each set of 12 pieces can be used to construct a grand dragon and elephant, ensuring that the holiday season is filled with wonderful surprises.

Content and value of this Advent Calendar :

With 24 days of excitement, each tiny door hides a new animal building block, allowing children to craft different cute animals as they count down to Christmas or even a grand dragon and elephant!

The value of products (24 building blocks, parts ) contained in this Toy Advent calendar for men is not disclosed

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Who is this calendar for?

This calendar is designed for children and anyone who wants to make the holiday season more exciting. It is a fantastic choice for kids and adults who enjoy creative play and the thrill of discovery. It’s perfect for parents looking to engage their children’s imagination and creativity during the holiday season. The 24 small boxes hide various building blocks and parts packages, providing daily surprises and endless possibilities for young minds.

Other versions of this calendar:

This advent calendar is available in the following versions:

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Animal’s Building Calendar 2023 Release Date

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Additional information

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Calendar contains

SPOILER: Please note the full content of the 2023 Animal's building blocks Advent Calendar:

This toys advent calendar contains 24 animal building blocks, a playmat and instructions manual.

  • a big dragon
  • a big elephant
  • OR several diverse mini animals

Check the photos for a better idea!

Content value of this advent calendar 2023: not disclosed

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